In Praise of Tolerance

toleracneNovember 16th is the International day of Tolerance and maybe it could be an opportunity for all of us  to examine where we personally stand on this issue. Do we consider ourselves to be  tolerant? Or are we often intolerant?  If so,  what are we intolerant about? Here, we also need to remind ourselves that there can be a tendency in some of us to be pots calling kettles black, that is, to be intolerant of those who possess faults similar to our own, as that enables us to shift the burden of responsibility away from ourselves, and onto them, which results, as it were, in getting ourselves ‘off the hook’! Continue reading

The Mystery of the Integrative Process

Integrative design spiritual and externalI am often being asked the question about what integration means and I think it is a very important one, so I’ll start by saying that today, all of us are being faced, not only personally, but also inter-personally, nationally, internationally, politically, economically and  globally with this challenge. Indeed, our very survival  on the planet may be dependant upon on how successful we are in this venture, since the more integrated we are, the more whole or spiritual a person we become and the more capable we are of bringing integrative energy into the world. So it’s a pretty important issue. Continue reading

The Power of Spiritual Intensives

Spiritual Intensives Serge Beddington BehrensI have just had someone stay with me for a week in Majorca  for a Psychospiritual’ Intensive’  where the entire time is devoted to psychological and spiritual exploration, and I am yet again reminded what a powerful process this is, if, that is, the client is familiar with inner work and truly has a commitment to their process and seeks to be the best they can be. Continue reading