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My life has never been especially conventional and has always been about a search to find the true me. Having been born into a world of privilege and stark conventions my early life was a quest for something else, a place where I would feel more fully at home.

My search for truth began in my mid-twenties andSerge Beddington-Behrens led to much travel and subsequent exploration of many different spiritual and psychological approaches to health and healing. What has always been important to me is to have a profession that expresses who I truly am, relationships that are genuine and places to live in that feel harmonious.

Much of my early life was spent in Northern California where I did most of my psychological training. For over 40 years, I have had a private psychotherapy practice, trained therapists, lectured and taught workshops and spiritual retreats all over the world.

I have an MA in English Literature from Oxford, and a Ph.D in Psychology. I have written three books and over 40 articles for academic journals. While in California, I co-founded the Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution which taught degree courses. In 1999 I was awarded an Italian knighthood for services to humanity. I currently live full time in Mallorca.

My third book, Amazing Grace, Memoirs of a Transformational Journey, will be released in September of 2023.  For more information and to Pre-Order your copy, please visit:
John Hunt Publishing / O-Books



I see soul as the animating principle that makes living things alive and links all of life together. It exists not only in all of us, but in all of life…

Serge Beddington Behrens

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