Creating a World Without War

My Dear Friends,
This is a new and very much improved version of two talks on the Psychology of War and How to End War that I had recently published.

This video is long and you can either immerse yourself in it it or watch it in segments.

In view of the tragic assassination of the wonderfully heroic Alexei Navalny (I confess, it broke my heart) and the fact that the great Buddhist peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh told us that ´´we all have war inside us, not just the soldiers,´´ I feel it so important that we all play our small parts in being a space to end the brutal violence and totaliterianism that men like Putin stand for.

Hopefully this video may be of some small assistance.
Love, Serge


Beyond War – A Webinar with Serge & Steve Taylor

This coming Tuesday, December the 19th, I will be co-hosting a webinar with my dear friend Steve Taylor, called Beyond War.

At this time of continuing global conflict, we will be discussing warfare from a psychological and spiritual perspective, looking at its causes and how we can transcend it. As usual, we will include a meditation and poem or two.

Serge & Steve Together Again!

We will be calling on all webinar participants webinar to share, hopefully something very interesting will emerge!

Beyond War
A Webinar with Serge & Steve Taylor

Tuesday, 19 December, 2023
19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET

You can sign up to attend on Eventbrite

Amazing Grace is Now on Bookshelves Everywhere!

My Dear Friends,

I am delighted to announce that my memoirs are now published and you can order them easily on line. If you live in London, John Sandoe books have plenty of copies.

Amazing Grace: Memoirs of a Transformational JourneyI hope you will enjoy the funny stories – especially going back to my early childhood and my Oxford, Bullingdon Club and ski racing days – and also may be interested in my adventures of the time I spent in California and was privileged to meet and study with, some of the wisest people on the planet.

I hope too, that certain areas of this book may inspire you to try as I have tried, to let go the life that your conditioning told you, you ought to lead, and discover the story that your heart informed you, you need to lead.

Whilst there are, of course, episodes of suffering – who of us has had a life totally without pain in some form or another – overall I think my story is a happy, positive and inspiring story and it ends very happily, me living in Mallorca, married to a woman whom I love very much, and continuing to work as much as ever because I get so much happiness out of what I do. I think that if we love our work, that it reciprocates and loves us in return!

Please read my long epilogue at the end as it contains my vision for the future and what I think will happen on our planet by the end of this century. And fearest not, my vision is overall a positive one, even if we may first have to trudge through a few dark forests to get there.

With much love and excitement,



Read more about Amazing Grace right here on Serge’s Website!

Enjoy videos of snippets of the book read by Serge, watch and listen to interviews with Serge, read the book’s endorsements and visit the O-Books Website where you can read more reviews and order your copy today!
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I hope I am not being a self-righteousness old so n’ so when I say that I try to be friendly with everyone I meet and to do my best to hold people positively in my heart.

OK, not everyone will be our friend. The friends we have are our choice. But we can be friendly to everyone, especially to those people who feel outcasts in our society, as it does so much to help them feel more included. And one of the sad things about the world we live in is that many of us learn to be exclusive, to separate ourselves, to only share ourselves with those whom we feel ‘deserve it’ or whom we know well. That was me in the old days and it played a big role in why I often felt unhappy. I lived disconnected from the world.

I remember so well being in my early twenties, living in London and feeling very lonely, and I was in the Kings Road, Chelsea, when an old lady saw me sitting on a bench looking miserable and she came up to me and said ‘You look so sad but you seem a nice young man!’ She spent fifteen minutes cheering me up , just being kind and funny, and I began to feel so much better.


She’d taken the trouble to go up to a stranger and talk to him. Again, in our ‘British society’ we learn not to do this ‘unless we’ve been formally introduced!’

Before she left, she said these wise words to me:

‘Don’t get lost in your misery.’ (I was.) ‘But go out and be kind to people. Connect with them. That will heal you. Be open. Just be your simple self with those around you and they will feel better and you will feel better’.

Easier said than done. I saw how hard this was for me, how closed I was and how closed so many people were. At school, our minds get trained, not our hearts. And that is a huge misfortune. It certainly was for me!

Well, her words stayed with me. It took me some years to learn to open up even just a little. I needed to work hard at it. But as I gradually did, all areas of my life also began to open up, and I discovered that it enabled me spontaneously to give of myself to other people, to hold them kindly in my heart and that when I could do this, I would also feel more connected not only to myself, but also to my world. I was also able to be kinder and less judgemental of myself.

I like what the Dalai Lama said about this:

‘Be kind and merciful Let no one ever come to you without feeling better and happier…..’

I think it is the way for us to feel better and happier as well!

The Spiritual Power of Friendship and Community A Webinar with Serge Beddington-Behrens and Steve Taylor

On the evening of Monday, July 31st, I am doing a webinar with my dear, lovely friend Steve Taylor on the theme of friendliness, friendship and community. If you are not busy that evening, please join us. We feel these themes are so important in today’s society.

You can sign up for “The Spiritual Power of Friendship & Community” on Eventbrite.






Introducing Amazing Grace: Memoirs of a Transformational Journey

My memoirs, Amazing Grace: Memoirs of a Transformational Journey” are being published later this summer. I think this is the most fun and interesting book I’ve written so far.

On the one hand, it’s an amusing story about the privileged world I was born into, and I gabble on a lot about the Swinging 60’s and what public schools and Oxford were like in those days, and myself as an entitled, eccentric, dandy man about town, an ardent ski racer and girl chaser.

On the other hand, it’s a serious account of what I learned from my close encounters with the paranormal, altered states of consciousness, Spiritual Masters in India, Shamans in South America, and a myriad of different sages, healers, mystics, wizards, analysts and philosophers.

All these things were a part of my journey to becoming a soul-centred psychotherapist, a teacher of spiritual retreats and an activist for a healthier and transformed society.

Visit the page on my website about Amazing Grace…

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From Disconnection to Oneness

A Webinar with Steve Taylor and Serge Beddington-Behrens
4 April, 2023

From Disconnection to Oneness - a Webinar by Steve Taylor & Serge Beddington Behrens


Why do so many people feel disconnected from each other,
from themselves and from nature?

Why does disconnection create cruelty and fear?

How can we become more connected. and move towards oneness?

Join Steve Taylor and myself as we explore how connection produces compassion and goodness and is the basis of a harmonious self, society and world.
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Exploring Sacred Activism – Newsletter & Course Intro

Dear Friend,
Here is what António Guterres, the Secretary General of the U.N., said at a meeting last September:

Our world is blighted by war,
Battered by climate change,
Scarred by hate,
And shamed by poverty, hunger and inequality.

My last newsletter came out just as the war with Ukraine was starting, and now it is nearly a year later and the atrocities continue to reign down on that country. What is it with the evil of this man Putin? What can we do…?

Soulful Activism

Today I am going to talk to you about Activism, about Sacred Activism, about Actively making the world a better place while maintaining Respect for all Life on Earth.

In the light of this great evil in the north and other very unpleasant things going on in our world today, I think that being an Activist for a more just world or for a transformed world is among the most important things that any of us can be doing with our lives at this moment. Continue reading

Understanding the Crises of the Heart, Climate Change, Crisis and Transformation

Today I would like to share with you a few excerpts from “Understanding the Crises of the Heart”, chapter 19 of my first book, “Awakening the Universal Heart”, as I find them particularly relevant to our world situation today and in tune with the recommendations that follow.

The Signicance of Crisis

“A time of crisis is also a time of opening up, when thinking that was consigned to the fringes moves to centre stage. When things fall apart, the appetite for new ways of seeing is palpable.”
~ Paul Kingsnorth ~

What many of our crises today are also helping bring home to us is how inextricably interconnected our planet has become…

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Shining a Light in the Darkness – Webinar – 7 June 2022

Spiritual Awakening in a Disordered World

Dear Friends,
Here is my latest offering with my wise friend Steve. We both think this topic is very important as never has our world been in a more precarious and chaotic state. We both believe in the Chinese translation of the word crisis which is to regard it as a ‘dangerous opportunity’. We see many dangerous opportunities surrounding us all!

Serge with Steve Taylor

We are living in a time of political turmoil and ecological crisis. What are the challenges of spiritual awakening in this context? Steve and Serge will discuss how spiritual awakening can help heal the world, and how crisis can be the spur for collective awakening.

Please join us for our webinar on 7 June, 2022!
Click here for further details and registration

What Liberates?

The Oxford Dictionary defines liberation as:
the act of setting someone free from slavery, imprisonment or oppression’.

Liberation, therefore, has both inner and outer dimensions which are intrinsically inter-related because if we are not free inside ourselves, it will inevitably limit our ability to live a liberated outer life, even if the society we live in is a relatively free one. The same can hold true the other way around as well.

Many of us, therefore, need liberating not only from what oppresses us internally and which prevents us realising who we really are, but also from a society where economic, religious, societal and cultural forces oppress us. It is just as incarcerating to being a slave to negative habits, restrictive thoughts and tendencies to feel paranoid and depressed, as it is to live in countries with regimes that spy on us all the time, or where societal fault lines means we have to devote so much effort simply to survive that we are allowed no space to be creative or time to experience enjoyment.

I see one of the great problems of the world today is that too many of us are enchained both ways and the result is a huge amount of unhappiness all around. In many Western nations, fault lines in society may activate predispositions inside many of us to feel soulless and empty resulting is us having hearts full of greed, aggression, insecurity, pain, fear and resentment as opposed to love, compassion, altruism and wisdom. And this huguely weighs us down.

In my last book, Gateways to the Soul, I explored certain societal conditions required that I felt would encourage external liberation and in so doing, create a context favourable for possible internal liberation. Here are a few of the most relevant ones…

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