Amazing Grace: Memoirs of a Transformational Journey

The rollicking adventures of a man born into privilege who chose to leave his old world behind to find a path of soul… To Be Released September, 2023!!

This is a book about one man’s struggle to discover his soul in a soulless world in which Serge argues that a new kind of human being needs to emerge if our society is to be healed. This new man or woman will need to be someone who will have ‘worked on themselves’ to have become less materialistic and ego-centred, more planet friendly and, in particular, more concerned about the well-being of their fellow human beings.

Having written two books about how to become such a ‘new person’, Serge has decided to share his own personal journey and his many struggles to try to expand his own humanity. In this very honest and no-holds-barred book we learn that if we choose to undertake such a journey, there is no avoiding a confrontation with all those areas of ourselves which prevent this.

In Serge’s case, this included his need to come face to face with his chauvinism, his ‘little boy’ that refused to grow up, his narcissism, the myth that the ‘right woman’ would save him, and the delusion of being ‘special’! It particularly chronicles his encounters with the many wise people he met along the way who showed him how to let go his of attachments to these false narratives and assisted him in becoming more honest and open-hearted.

Serge’s adventures are very amusing in places, and the author’s hope is that upon discovering the many gifts and blessings that came his way as he aspired to evolve, the reader may feel moved to embark upon similar journeys of self-discovery, vital to our planet’s survival.

Both the e-book and printed copy will include 50 photographs from Serge’s life!

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“Serge’s journey from titled entitlement to spiritual seeker, told with panache and humour, show us how staying true to our deepest vision brings profound, lasting changes in our outer world, and the worlds of those we meet. This transformation inspires us to rebalance our lives, valuing Self over ego, having the courage to face mistakes and discover the ordinary; and with it find the extraordinary, the miracle of being human. To step free from ‘material blessings’, he explains, is not a sacrifice, but a gift- personal freedom. If you feel trapped by this too, here is a guidebook towards an ever-opening inner door.”
-Dale Mathers, Jungian Analyst & Author of Alchemy and Psychotherapy


“In ‘Amazing Grace’ my dear friend Serge has described not only his own transformational journey, but he also speaks for many of his generation who grew up in the ferment of 1960’s hippiedom, looking for new ways of being and living. This is a passionate and engaging narrative by a man of unique style who has lived fully while also often suffering deeply as he struggles to break through to a whole new way of living. Born into a huguely privileged background entailed its own dysfunctions and wounds and these very much shaped the agenda of Serge’s life journey as he felt that many of the values which he had been raised to subscribe to, were the very ones which needed to be surrendered if one was to have a world that worked. A deeply humane and wise book.”
– David Lorimer, programme director of the Scientific and Medical Network and author of many books including Resonant Mind and Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality


“A marvellously entertaining account of Serge’s adventures through the material and spiritual worlds, filled with equal measures of humour and spiritual insight. Serge writes as if speaking to a close friend, and offers the distilled wisdom of a lifetime of spiritual exploration.”
– Steve Taylor, Ph.D., Poet, University Lecturer and Author of The Leap and The Clear Light.


“Serge Beddington-Behrens is a unique person and friend, whom I met in England in the mid 1970s. We shared much in the area of spiritual search. In Amazing Grace he opens his soul, mind, and heart with honesty in looking-back at his personal development from his British aristocratic upbringing in his childhood to the present mature phase of his life journey. He conveys beautifully the challenges and conflicts of growing-up in this context and his struggles to become his own person with a deep vision, concern, and sense of identification with the perils and opportunities we are all facing on Planet Earth in this crucial phase of our collective evolution.”
– Abelardo Brenes, Ph.D., Co-author of ‘The Earth Charter’ and author of multiple academic publications in Psychology, Peace Education, and Sustainable Development Education


“In our present times of obsessive consumerism, billionaires who spend fortunes going into space, media moguls and false information to say nothing of hogging the limelight film stars, it is refreshing to read the memoirs of someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the son of a Russian princess and a very successful businessman, educated at Harrow and Oxford, but who decided to put all that behind him and seek another way to live.

Serge Beddington-Behrens has travelled the path to self-enlightenment through experiences via Carlos Castaneda, Findhorn, fasting, Shamanism, Zen Buddhism and much more. He readily admits that without his financial inheritance it would have been a much more difficult journey, but the importance of this memoir lies in the fact he chose a difficult path to follow in life rather than the one, given his upbringing, which would have been much easier to follow.

As he says, we need a new vision of life- one with heart, compassion, and wisdom. Read this book and hopefully you too will start to search for a new vision in your life.”

– John Bell M.A.(Oxon.), Educational Consultant


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