Essay: Looking to the Future

This essay looks at:
a) the state of the world today
b) what I see happening on the planet over the next eighty years and
c) the new society that I see rising, phoenix like, out of the ashes.

It is a hopeful essay but suggests that to get to the light, humanity may need to go through some more dark times…

Looking to the Future
OK, it is time now to look forward and say a few words about what I think might possibly lie ahead for humanity in the future. As I feel very much part of the whole, I regard this issue as an integral part of my memoir. Indeed, I am increasingly realising that the more I can own my human-collective self – realise I am not separate from but deeply part of humanity as a whole – the more fully me I become!
As I look around at my planet, I feel a lot of sorrow at its condition and huge anger at the many injustices that exist. I think the biggest problems are selfishness (extreme ego-centredness), huge greed, huge corruption, apathy, and an obsession with materiality and power, all of which are symptomatic of a lack of consciousness or of a very immature humanity.

Too many world leaders have grown older but have not grown up and got wiser. Hypnotised by the comforts of status, pleasure, wealth and power, few think of what the planet really needs, as they are primarily concerned with what benefits themselves and their clan and how they can cling on to power. This process has worsened during the pandemic, and world inequality has worsened, with the rich having grown considerably richer and the poor very much poorer. Today, 1 per cent of the world’s population have more wealth than the rest of the world put together. And this is utterly insane.

Indeed, as I write, information is currently emerging on how many wealthy people are able to hide their millions in offshore tax havens and pay little to no tax. This, my friend, is not a perversion of capitalism. It is capitalism’s true ugly face that has always existed, just as there has always existed a marriage between so called ‘respectable bankers’ and the oligarchs and kleptocrats who drain their nations’ wealth and channel it into these havens.

We need to understand that we live in a world where huge injustice reigns and where many millions of us turn our backs towards those who are ‘not like us’, who have different skin colours, sexual preferences, financial levels, beliefs, nationalities, opinions, attitudes and worldviews, often seeing them as ‘the enemy’. And this is enormously sad. Not enough of us are able to realise that despite great diversity, all of us human beings are linked together – part of one human family…

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2 thoughts on “Essay: Looking to the Future

  1. Thankyou Serge. This is the first time I have been able to allow myself to look ahead constructively without fear

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