Gaia’s Wrath

Oh dear, more crazy weather. A typhoon ends in one part of the globe only to be replaced by a tsunami or an earthquake in another. And more innocent people die.

Earth - Our Blue Planet

Our planet is fed up with the way we have been treating her and in the same way that if we treat another person badly, they won’t particularly like us, Gaia is fighting back. She’s pissed off with humanity. And quite damn right. Thank goodness for organisations like Avaaz who are coordinating huge campaigns in this area as not enough of our politicians take climate change seriously enough as always it is the poor people, those least responsible for having f-d up our planet, who pay the price.

I wonder why we have to wait til crises get so large before we do anything. I mean why didn’t we do more in the 60’s? In a way the whole ‘counter culture’ movement that I was part of, failed.

Perhaps for several reasons; one, we didn’t try hard enough as the immune system of our planet wasn’t sufficiently compromised. Two, we thought ‘all you need is love’ was the answer and it wasn’t, and three, there was too much of a split between those aggressive-ists who said ‘down with the suits’, and the hippies who went East and sat on mountain tops saying ‘Om’!

I think today all of us have to take the health of our planet much more in our hands and do positive things and realise saying ‘Om’ only gets us so far and trying to attack the climate change deniers gets us nowhere. Telling a bad guy he’s bad will only activates his defenses.

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