How Friendly Should We Be with Our Employees?

I believe that a corporation that encourages employees to be open and friendly with each other and thus to wear their humanity on their sleeve, is one of the most important things for its success. Certainly, working to create such a culture is very central to my corporate work.

Happy Employees

In a friendly environment, I find that employees feel respected, empowered and more relaxed, which in turn allows them to perform better, to feel free to share creative ideas with each other and most important, enables them to see their “work” as part of their “life” and so dichotomies such as the need to maintain a healthy “work/life” balance become less important.

In such an environment, it is much easier for people to work together as teams, a much healthier top-down / bottom-up flow exists, and far from people feeling that going to work means needing to “sell their soul to the company store”, instead may be delighted to find that that selfsame “store” offers a unique opportunity for them to discover it!


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