Individual & Couple’s Therapy

Psychotherapy Sessions

Having done online sessions for many years now I find them to be extremely effective.

My practice includes working with people with a wide range of requirements: some are looking for spiritual growth; some may be wanting to learn to deal better with their psychological vulnerabilities, while others might want to address their addictions, confront their Shadow or face the dynamics in their close relationships.

Being trained as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist means that I also integrate the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience into my work.

Serge Beddington-Behrens - Author & Psychotherapist

Couple’s Therapy

Having a successful relationship is an art and needs consciously working at. This is especially true today, where the speed of change is happening so fast that couples may be finding that their old ways of operating are no longer valid.

Relationships can also often founder if partners operate at different levels, have different value systems or are unable to deal creatively with conflict, not knowing how to harmonize their differences.

Helping people find greater joy in their togetherness is a specialty of mine, having, earlier on in my life, made so many mistakes in this area myself!

Here is a brief video explaining how I work:


As feeling empathy with one’s therapist is so important, the first session I give is always FREE OF CHARGE, so that if you do not feel a good connection between us there will be no financial loss for you.

I charge on a sliding scale from £200 to £100 – Special arrangements may be made for those who are low waged.