Individual & Couple’s Therapy


“Our challenge is to learn to be more open to the many gifts which life has to offer us. We are called to be more sensitive, to see more acutely, to feel more deeply, speak more wisely, ask more of the right kinds of questions, listen more with our hearts and never ever ignore the importance of dealing with the dark side of life.”
Serge B-B – Gateways to the Soul -Inner Work for the Outer World

My approach to human growth and development is an amalgam of spiritual work, where the focus is on developing or growing our soul life, and psychological work, where we seek to address our various emotional wounds and personality difficulties which hold us back.

The current crisis is making us more aware of parts of ourselves that obstruct our ability to move forward in our lives, and impelling us to ask ourselves many new questions about how we want to live.

Today, clients are asking me how they can…

  • Grow from this crisis as opposed to shrinking from it
  • Radically start to reinvent themselves
  • Learn to be content with less
  • Rethink the way they relate to work and money
  • Deal more effectively with their fears, traumas, and anxieties
  • Re-evaluate what is really important in life

“Our sessions are an exploratory collaboration to which Serge brings a depth of experience gathered from a remarkable life.

(Serge) also generously shares his own stories to illustrate meaning, which often helps remind me that I am not alone in the way I experience life. Working in this way, and in parallel reading his two books, I am at last beginning to feel the freedom and self belief to live fully and experience contentment which has been absent for so very many years.”
Claire Crowther, UK


Serge Beddington-Behrens - Author & Psychotherapist

Couple’s Therapy

“Relationship is so important because life is relationship…. Choosing to be in an intimate relationship with another human being, which involves our daring to open up, bare our hearts and souls and incur all the many risks and challenges which this entails, is in my experience one of the best ways to explore what it means to be more fully human.”
Serge B-B – Awakening the Universal Heart

Do You…

  • Need to learn to open your heart more and communicate better with your partner?
  • Need to be less critical and more accepting of them?
  • Need to find new ways to enjoy your time together?
  • Need help in working with your dark or ‘Shadow sides’ which you are always projecting onto one another?

Having a successful relationship is a great art and needs consciously working at. Especially in these stressful and challenging times where many of our old ‘escape routes’ are no longer so available, and where changes are happening so quickly that many of our old ways of operating no longer work.

“I’ve done some intense years of introspection and inner healing work, some in Israel with a very good psychotherapist, some in Romania through personal development groups and Transpersonal Psychology formation seminars and workshops.

I find working with Serge now the best of all – it’s like I’ve been peeling off layers and layers and healing up wounded territories, while growing up and rising as a better person. (…)

Thank you, thank you, it is a joy and a transformational process, each session we are doing together!”
Dr. Lorelei Nassar, DMD, MD, Romania

Here is a brief video explaining how I work:


As feeling empathy with one’s therapist is so important, the first session I give is always FREE OF CHARGE, so that if you do not feel a good connection between us there will be no financial loss for you.

I charge on a sliding scale from £150 to £100.
Special arrangements may be made for people who are currently financially challenged.

To view more videos, please visit Serge’s Video Page, on this website & subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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