Personalised Retreats in Mallorca – Through the Gateway

This is a special bespoke programme that involves an individual or a couple coming to stay in my house in Mallorca for 4 to 7 days and working with me on a full-time basis.

One-on-One Retreats in Mallorca

I have developed this program through having taught many retreats and workshops over the years and observing the great potential for healing in a full-immersion environment.

The idea is to allow for continuity in your process of exploration and healing, without interference from your day to day life. My experience is that people often do the equivalent of two years psychotherapy in a week.

The contact with and connection to nature plays a very integral part in your journey, as does the healthy, freshly cooked Mediterranean food that you will receive.

We start the day with a meditation in the garden, have breakfast together and do a morning session until shortly before lunch.

After a little siesta break we will resume our work, maybe while going for a walk in the hills or being at the beach, and we continue to talk until dinner, which may be followed by another meditation or summing up of the day.