Personalised Retreats in Mallorca

Through the Gateway

This is a unique experience: making the choice to remove yourself for a period of time from the old habits of your workaday existence. After five to seven days of being on an ‘individualised’ retreat designed especially around your requirements – you may come alone or with a partner, parent or sibling – you may well find you’ve done the equivalent of a years therapy and will have outgrown many old psychological patterns that have held you back.

One-on-One Retreats in Mallorca

I particularly use the magical landscape of Mallorca to help you re-connect to your soul life (which many of us have lost touch with and is why we so often feel disappointed and anxious). You will find the name of the game is not to re-invent yourself but rather to find yourself.

While we will work intensely – I am with you from the time you get up to when you go to bed – you will find that you not only enjoy our time together, but you will also discover how to live a more empowered and harmonious life. Helping you find your deeper ‘abundance of being’ is my speciality.

“The week which my son and I spent with you, Serge, was life-changing. Not only has our relationship deepened and matured, but both of us have learned things which have also enabled us individually to improve the quality of our lives. Thank you for making miracles happen.”

Tim C., Merchant Banker

“(Serge’s) open-minded, spiritual, highly skilled and compassionate healing approach has helped me feel valued, and to understand myself better in order to make positive changes in my life. In particular, my one-to-one, weeklong, intensive development experience with Serge in Mallorca a few years ago, turned out to be a ‘positive turning point in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Serge.”
T. S., Dubai


If doing an individualised retreat with me is something you might like to consider, then please listen to my short video where I discuss in detail what will occur:

To view more, visit Serge’s Video Page on this website & subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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