The Power of Spiritual Intensives

Spiritual Intensives Serge Beddington BehrensI have just had someone stay with me for a week in Majorca  for a Psychospiritual’ Intensive’  where the entire time is devoted to psychological and spiritual exploration, and I am yet again reminded what a powerful process this is, if, that is, the client is familiar with inner work and truly has a commitment to their process and seeks to be the best they can be.

In ordinary psychotherapy, one tends to see one’s therapist once or twice a week, with  the flow of sessions  always being dissipated by the momentum of   daily  life going on around them. In this intensive context, with the entirety of the day being devoted to inner work, one’s life becomes one’s session and  as there is nothing to interrupt it, one may more quickly reach greater depths of understanding. In such circumstances, not only may genuine  quantum leaps be made, as happened with my recent client, but because  we explore all dimensions of a person’s life – their emotional, work, relational  and spiritual life, their physical and medical fitness, etc – all these categories which ordinarily we tend to hold as existing  in separate compartments, are recognised as being integrated and people actually find out – not as a concept but as a felt experience – that all areas of their lives really are inter-connected and that glitches in one area result in imbalances in other areas.

My experience is that the mysterious idea of what constitutes ‘wholistic psychotherapy’ can best be experienced  within this framework which  must also factor in time for rest, play and relaxation. What I also discovered with this client,  is that our ‘play-times’ – where we did not focus  directly on inner exploration – were  amongst the most therapeutic!

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