Royalty Through the Emergence of Heart – The Royal Baby

Royal Baby, William and Kate - Universal HeartWell the  Royal baby and third in line to the throne has arrived.

What kind of world is he emerging into?

Will England still need kings by the time he is ready to assume that responsibility?

Will any traditions be left?

In the 1970’s, Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future Shock where he discussed how quickly the world was changing and suggested that many people were finding it hard to  keep up. Well, the rate of change has accelerated even more in the last forty years.

And are we keeping up? And what about the next  thirty years? Will things speed up even more?  How are we going to react? Will this accelerate our cognitive intelligence or stretch us beyond our capacities? Or both?

Another important issue is:  are all the new ways  being invented to improve  and advance life, actually making our lives easier and does this actually make us happier, or are many of our new advances simply bringing us different kinds of problems? Certainly, all  scientific advances have a light and a dark side. For example, with the internet (that no one ever envisaged in the 70’s), its ‘light’ side is that now the whole world can connect up. But the ‘dark’ side is that the sinister forces of life –  paedophiles and terrorists etc. –  are also offered new options.

This is why in my recent book, I have laid so much stress on the emergence of Heart power, as for me Heart is the great antidote to life’s challenges. People with awake hearts ascend into what I call their inner royalty. They become truly noble and ethical human beings, endowed with wisdom and a larger perspective on life. With heart, we naturally relate more lovingly to our fellow human beings.

People with big, open hearts seem to have an enhanced capacity to integrate all sorts of different things  together and my sense is that those who work at evolving their heart capacities will be immeasurably more effective at handling the many challenges presented us in the future. My hope is that  in the next thirty years,  many of our  world leaders, CEOs, top scientists, film makers, writers and artists will  predominantly be men and women of heart.

I hope our new third in line goes to good Heart schools so he may be endowed with an inner as well as an outer, royalty. The latter is hereditary, the former has to be earned.

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