The Emergence of People Power in the East

What do you feel about the emergence of people Power in the Middle East?……… Do you feel hopeful for our future?

‘We seem to be seeing a strong impulse for freedom springing up in the world today – especially in the Middle East, with all the manifestations of ‘people power’ that we have been witnessing, especially with what has just been going on in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain and now Libya . Do you have hope that a better world is in the offing? If so, what do you think of those prophecies that foretell the end of the world in 2012? Doesn’t that sound rather scary?’

Here is my reply:

Yes, I do have hope – a huge amount of hope – that a better world is in the offing and I think that the impulse to be free of totalitarian leaderships that is now springing up in the Middle East, is very important and may be compared with what took place at the end of the last Millenium with the whole breaking down of the Iron Curtain. However, before I get into that, I will first comment briefly on your last question about the prophecies.


There have always been prophecies forecasting the end of the world and ones suggesting that we are about to enter into a whole new ‘golden age’ and I think this is appropriate, as it asks us to ‘dance’ between these two possibilities. If we only believed in doom and destruction, we’d give up now and do nothing, and if we only thought that a wonderful new era lay ahead, we’d probably do none of the hard graft that is required of all of us if a new and better civilisation is to come into being. Here, we need to remind ourselves that no one ‘up there’ is going to usher in a better world – it is not up to our world leaders; it is up to you and I. I.e., you and I are the midwives of tomorrow! So I think it is good that we are always being presented with both scenarios, as it somehow preserves a necessary balance. Also, I don’t interpret the phrase ‘end of the world’ literal ly. Rather, I prefer to think that we don’t all live just in one world or one reality, but in many worlds or many dimensions of being and that this statement simply refers to the fact that one particular ‘world’ that has been over-prominent for much too long in human affairs, will be phasing out.


And this is exactly what is happening. We are living at a time when a particular world that has for overlong been dominating the world stage, is at last coming to an end.

And what this phasing out means is that space for a new world or new reality to emerge is able to open up. And I very much celebrate this fact as I think that the world that is coming to an end, is a very limited and unconscious one, many aspects of which, have a very evil face, and that it is responsible for most of the ills which we face today.

Basically, it is a domain of being where we believe that who we are is our separate ego self and that this constitutes the full extent of ourselves and that what we cannot see or conceive of, therefore cannot exist. Needless to say, this is a very blinkered, black and white reality and it has a very dark face. It is characterised by a lot of selfishness, fear, greed, violence, materialism and manipulation; it is one where we unthinkingly burglarise our planet’s limited resources, over consume and treat our fellow human beings terribly, as well as live in denial of anything sacred or mystical. Its darkest face may be seen reflected in the many totalitarian regimes in the world, whose leaders govern by terror and grow rich at the expense of their subjects’ impoverishment.

So yes, I would like to believe that this ‘old world’ which is so full of suppression and denial, and causes so much suffering to so many people -is coming to an end, and that it is doing so because millions of people all over the planet, not only want a new and better world – one where there is justice and where people’s human rights are respected and where there is no longer the vast gulf between Have’s and Have Not’s – but are also prepared to do something to have this better world come about. Here, we remember that old realities die and new worlds are born because our thoughts and our actions make it that way. And right now, as I write, one of the more tangible ways that this ‘brave new world’ is coming into expression, is via the arising of People Power. And I celebrate this.


What we are learning from recent events in the Middle East is that People Power is a) a very, very potent force for change, and b) is primarily a young person’s movement. No matter what nationality they are or what race or religion they belong to, first and foremost, the youth of today want to be free, want to have the opportunities to be their own person. In the Middle East in particular, young Arabs and Iranians are fed up with being hoodwinked and exploited by their senile leaders more interested in their own power-bases, grandiosity and bank balances than in the well being of their subjects, and, at this moment, they are making their feelings felt forcibly, and for the most part, peacefully. Half the Middle Eastern population is under twenty five and never in history has there been a wider gap between the tweeting youth and the mummified pharaohs.

As I write, people are gathering in their hundreds of thousands in the streets of every Arab nation and are saying ‘We want freedom – the freedom to be who we are, the freedom to have work – freedom from the many constraints imposed upon us. And we also demand respect – that our leaders stop treating us as cattle fodder and offer us opportunities to develop ourselves.’ And I think they are saying something which, deep down, we all desire, even if we are not young or live under some murderous totalitarian regime (the two worst for me being the totally corrupt and murderous theocracy in Iran and the ghastly regime under the madman Gadaffi.) Whether the chains we wish to break free from, exist more at an inner level or are specifically the result of external constraints, doesn’t matter. It is the same thing.


Another way to frame what is happening is to say that a new zeitgeist or new ‘spirit of the age’ is arising powerfully in the heart of mankind and that it is unequivocally demanding that the many different kinds of forces which enchain our bodies and minds and hearts and souls, be unlocked. In my own particular journey at this moment, this zeitgeist is compelling me to work at releasing the particular kinds of shackles that still subtly wrap themselves around my heart. They comprise the sum total of all those beliefs and patterns that I still carry inside me , keeping me locked into the illusion of my separateness, trapped in the myth that tells me that I am less than who I truly am.

My aim is to ascend into my true self, not least because I know that the freer I become, the more potent a role I can play in the liberation of my planet. And I realise that is why I have been put here on this planet, indeed why we all exist, namely to assist in the process of its evolution. ‘We are all born Stradivariuses’, a wise lady once said to me, ‘Yet we grow up believing we are mere plastic fiddles.’ This is so true. This is what the old world or the old culture has done to us. It has kept us down – some of us externally, others internally, many of us in both areas – and what our planet needs today is the arising of a new Stradivarius consciousness in all its many faces. Thus, the more that each of us can work at our own ascension – pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps – the more we can say a huge ‘Yes’ to a new vision for Man and Planet, the easier it becomes to say a resounding ‘No’ to everything that pertains to the ‘old world’ and so holds the domain of ‘plastic fiddlery’ in place!


And today, millions of people around the planet are saying Yes, each of them in their different ways. Politicians with vision are aspiring to do politics in a new way, Scientists are expanding our parameters of our possibilities and many of our Writers and Poets and Artists and Visionaries and Shamans and Healers and Philosophers are pointing us towards a more expanded view of the universe. More and more people today are starting to leave their old three dimensional space/time worlds behind and are beginning to embrace a new culture that is multi-dimensional in its nature.

So, yes, like you, I am full of hope and know that in the heart of all this turmoil currently going on all around us, that something much better – a whole ‘brave’ new world – is emerging, and is doing so all over our planet and in many, many different ways. Nothing can stop it now, but the new spirit underlying its emergence, needs all our support to help speed it along, and so the more that each us commit (in whatever way or ways we feel appropriate) to this ‘new spirit of freedom’, the better.


Thus, we must allow ourselves to be especially inspired by what the brave young people in the Arab nations are currently doing, as they take to the streets, and understand that it requires enormous courage to stand up and say ‘No’ to the backward looking forces of evil, especially in countries such as Iran, where the wise and brave and visionary young people are governed by a clique of corrupt and paranoid, religious Terrorists prepared to torture or kill anyone who dares disagree with them. The whole point is that the ‘old order’ doesn’t want to change its spots; it doesn’t want to evolve or turn over and die. It is too scared. Look at that repellent, narcissistic and psychotic Gadaffi, for example, prepared to wage war on his own peoples rather than lose the control he has enjoyed for forty years. Yes, the old system is coming to an end; it is dying, but it is putting up a strong fight in the process, and it is all these enclaves of resistance everywhere that make for much of the precariousness that we experience around us today.


So if these are exciting times, they are also precarious times. For we do not know how things will turn out. Yet, despite what many historians think, I believe that the Arab nations will embrace Democracy (their own brand) but that it will take time, and that every nation will need to work out their own unique agendas. I think this will be speeded up by the fact that the West too, is learning its lessons, namely that to continue to focus on what is economically in its interest at the expenses of abandoning its democratic values – i.e., supporting tyrannical regimes because of the money to be got through oil – is actually to shoot both parties in the foot.

Put simply, the fact that many of these barbaric regimes have lasted so long, is because Western powers have supported them. And oil, just like a hugely beautiful woman, is terribly seductive and both East and West have fallen pray to its lures! And also weapons. Will we still consent to hold our world eco nomy together on the back of the arms trader? Or will deeper questions as regards the morality of such an occupation begin to be asked? I suspect that the answer will be yes and that eventually people power will forbid it.

So yes, crises abound everywhere and the Chinese were wise in defining them as dangerous opportunities. For that is just what they are. The gift which they offer us is that they help keep us on our toes. They stop us from falling asleep. This is why, in these ‘Millenium times’, we all need to choose to be brave and strong and flexible and open hearted, and see what we can do to play our part in disassociating ourselves with old world thinking and putting our time and our energy behind assisting the new freedom forces – doing what we can to help them grow and flourish.


So I, like you, am very hopeful. What particularly excites me is that now, with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, People Power has acquired a new dimension of communicative weaponry, and so can be much more effective. One thing I feel for sure is that from now on, most of the important changes will first come about on our planet, from the bottom up. Only then will those at the top realise that they too need to shift. What is also interesting is that through such things as Wickileaks, all information is so much more in the open and it is increasingly harder to cover things up.

Indeed, today, information which in the past, used only to be obtainable via an ‘underground press’, (if at all), is now available ‘above ground’ or to anyone able to use the Internet. And this is so important as it means that less and less will the powers that be, be able to get away with their old deceptions and misinformation, and no longer will our planet’s ambassadors resort to being adept at ‘lying for their countries.’


When, in the 1940’s, the great visionary thinker Teilhard de Chardin, talked of the whole planet being linked up by light, I initially thought he was just referring to the growth of spiritual centres and communities all over the world. He might have been, but what I think he may also have been intuitively hinting at, is the fact that we are all becoming increasingly interconnected, not just at metaphysical or mystical levels, but also physically and electronically. The Global Brain is now accessible to anyone armed with a simple mobile phone. And because the new generation are so highly computer literate (my eleven year old daughter teaches me how all these things work), we are seeing the emergence of a whole new breed of techno Spiritual Warrior. And this again, is very exciting.

I also believe that this new People Power impetus for freedom, will gradually spread from the Middle East to all those nations where repression still reigns and will have the effect of strengthening the ‘new world’ elements in those nations as well as challenging the ‘old world’ forces. Even now, China is starting to pay more attention to the issue of human rights as announced by the Chinese president during his recent visit to the U.S. Indeed, I predict that China will gradually become less Protectionist as her leaders realise that economic policies which militate against the currencies of other nations, will, if continued, eventually have a kick back effect on her own emerging prosperity and stability.

All nations will realise that what truly is in their own best social, political and economic interest, is never to never waver from honouring and respecting what is also in the best interest of all members of the larger community of nations, of which they are a part.

Most significantly, I predict that this new ‘freedom zeitgeist’ is going to have an effect on Terrorism and that over the next decade the Terroristic impulse is going to go into a decline. Why do I say this? Because Terrorism thrives primarily in repressive environments. It is most ‘attractive’ to those who live in fear and uncertainty, that is, who have closed and scared hearts. And what feeling freer does is that it opens our heart. The freer we feel, the happier we feel, the more we have access to experiences of joy and excitement, the more we feel inspired, and consequently, the less disposed we are to be drawn towards philosophies centred around violence, homophobia, barbaric Sharia law, the repression of women and the glorification of death. As people’s hearts open, there is a desire to celebrate life not glorify martyrdom!

When I say that the cat is gradually coming out of the bag, I mean that the young people in the Arab countries are no longer believing the lies which, for so long, have been fed to them by their rulers, as, for example, that those responsible for their ‘sad plight’ are the ‘evil Israelis and the Americans’. Increasingly, they are coming to realise that the real reason why they are impoverished and uneducated is due to the intentional policies of their leaders. People who are emotionally, intellectually and physically malnourished, can much more easily be controlled.

As more and more people the world over, are responding to, and ‘seeing the light’ and consequently are feeing emboldened to stand up and say ‘No more’ to the repressive forces and to the politics of abuse, and as more and more tyrant leaders are consequently forced to back down, I also feel that a new spirit of honesty and good will, will also begin to infuse International Relations.

I like Cameron’s idea behind the ‘Big Society’ where people are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their lives and not always be looking outside of themselves to be ‘bailed out’! I also feel that America will stop trying to arrange the world according to what She deems to be in her own interest, with little consideration paid to the consequences of such a self-serving world view. In fact, I feel that in the years ahead, the more powerful nations will have to listen more and more to the will of their people and in so doing, will become increasingly inclined to take into consideration the interests of the smaller countries, as they start to understand at a much deeper level, how truly interconnected we all are, and that in effect what benefits the part also benefits the whole (and similarly, what impedes the part, also detracts from the whole).

So yes, my heart is full of hope and we need to hold onto this quality even though there may be times when we will confront certain challenges. In my own personal crisis which I shared with you in my last newsletter, I did just this. And I got through.

I believe that, as a species, we are definitely going to get through. It may take a little time. Some of us may be called, en route, to spend a bit of time in dark places. But I also feel a lot of light and joy and celebration surrounding this challenge, and whether we draw these qualities towards us or not, is very dependent upon how much we choose to connect to ‘the Force’.

Put simply, to have the force be with us, we cannot hide away. To have the force be with us, we need, in our lives, to be journeying purposefully into the new world, to be doing in our own lives, the equivalent to what our brave brothers and sisters are doing in the Middle East. There is the best way to invoke the protection of the light. And the deeper we manage to go into the new world, the brighter the light will be.

Please feel free to write your responses, which I will publish in my next newsletter, which will go out in the next ten days and which will look at some of the technologies I have been developing to try to accelerate our transformational process.


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